Rhinoplasty Reviews


I Am Very Happy With the Surgery

The reason for my initial visit with Dr. Hamilton was for constant sinus infections and congestion.

My primary doctor referred me to a few ENT but after looking at OHNI he felt this was the right person for me. When I came in to see Dr. Hamilton I felt confident with his recommendations.

I’ve already referred family and friends to Dr. Hamilton. So far I am very happy with the surgery and can’t wait until it is all healed. I can’t remember the last time I was able to breathe so well.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton.

Bakersfield, California

Dr. Hamilton Made Me Feel Safe and in Good Hands

I first came in because I though I had really bad allergies and I was feed up with taking medications everyday.

My boss had surgery and recommended his ENT doctor, but after meeting the staff and doctor I felt like I was getting the round around and was never given a straight answer.

Dr. Hamilton performed my surgery, I am now 5 days post op and feel good, and on the road to full recovery. Dr. Hamilton made me feel safe and in good hands.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton

Los Angeles, California

I Am Very Satisfied With My Results

My initial visit was because I had an accident at home and fractured my nose.

Dr. Hamilton explained everything in details to me and what kind of surgery he was going to perform. I am very satisfied with my results.

Thank you, Dr. Hamilton for such a great job.

Rowland Heights, California

I Would Recommend Dr. Hamilton To Everyone

The reason for my visit was due to an ATV accident, I had which caused a broken nose. When I went to the Emergency Room after my accident the doctor told me I had to get surgery to correct the damage.

I didn’t want to go to just any surgeon so I made sure to do research on the best Doctor I could find. I searched online and was relieved when I came across Dr. Hamilton, he has all the experience that I was looking for and credibility I desired in a surgeon.

I am very happy with my decision. Dr. Hamilton is an incredible doctor and he made the process painless and with an easy recovery. I would recommend Dr. Hamilton to everyone.

Mission Hills, California

He Treated Me With Great Care

I heard about Dr. Hamilton from my general practitioner. I was referred to two ENT’s.

Dr. Hamilton listened as I explained the issues I was having with my nose, which included breathing issues and a deviated septum.

He treated me with great care explained the procedure he would use to correct my breathing problems and deviated septum, and he calmed my fears and concerns.

Los Angeles, California

They Made Me Feel Completely Comfortable

I had a cyst that developed on my nose after having a Rhinoplasty with another physician.

I had a cyst that developed on my nose after having a Rhinoplasty with another physician. After researching the internet I came across great reviews on Dr. Hamilton’s corrective surgeries.

After meeting him for the first time, I knew I was in good hands, (he took his time explaining everything about my condition and what needed to be done). I never felt rushed and felt that my best interest was always important. Aside from that, his staff was amazing. They made me feel completely comfortable every step of the way.

I would recommend Dr. Hamilton to everyone I know. I’m very thankful I no longer have to worry about my cyst. Laurie the anesthesia provider was amazing, she called me the day before my surgery and prepared me and made me feel comfortable. On the day of surgery she was quick and awesome!

Downey, California

I am Happy With the Results


I first reached out to Dr. Hamilton when my breathing became significantly worse after a nose injury. After my first visit and the two weeks following the prescribed nose spray really wasn’t helping and so I came back in to discuss getting a septoplasty.

After weighing my options I knew I wanted the procedure done. I did not consult with another surgeon because Dr. Hamilton had a great track record and I felt incredibly confident that he was the one to make it happen. Now, nearly 3 weeks later, I am feeling pretty good – my swelling is going down and I can feel the change in my breathing.

I am happy with the results and would recommend him to others in need of nose surgery!


Los Angeles, California

I am so Happy I Chose You as My Doctor

Your work is very artistic. I am so happy I chose you as my doctor.

You and your office far exceeded my expectations.

Thank you for your care, making my nose looks so good on my face and awesome team.

Best of luck continues success!!

Los Angeles, California

Now After My Surgery I Feel Great

When I first made a consultation appointment to see Dr. Hamilton it was basically my last resort after multiple visits with plastic surgeons giving me bad advice. My first surgery to get a nose job came out botched and it was really bad. I was stuck with it for 5 years and didn’t even know if it could look normal again.

I found OHNI in a Google search, by accident and everything about OHNI looked professional. I met Dr. Hamilton and he was so nice, but what stood out was that he was the first doctor to sit with me and explain everything for a long period of time, instead of rushing me out.

Now after my surgery I feel great and actually look normal again and I am so grateful. I will never have to go through another operation again, and I can get my life back.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton!!

Valencia, California

No one Seemed Down to Earth and as Honest as Dr. Hamilton


My initial visit with Dr. Hamilton was for my deviated septum causing nasal obstruction. At a young age I broke my nose and over the years my nose has progressively gotten worse, moving to the right and causing a deviated septum.

After doing some research I decided Dr. Hamilton seemed like the right doctor for me to have surgery with. After having surgery I feel as thought Dr. Hamilton did a great job especially for a nose that had been broken for so many years.

I visited a few doctors before seeing Dr. Hamilton, but no one seemed down to earth and as honest as he was. He actually tries to capture your goal in what you are trying to do as opposed to making adjustments on their own as some other doctors tend to do.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton

Hermosa Beach, California