Rhinoplasty Reviews


I Am Very Happy With My Results

The reason for my initial visit with Dr. Hamilton was because I was having difficult time breathing thru my nose. I started to do some research and came across OHNI. As it turned out I needed surgery, the scheduling process was very smooth and the staff at OHNI is very professional, helpful, and a pleasure to deal with.

I highly recommend OHNI to others; I would recommend my friends and family. My surgery experience went very smooth from beginning to end I am very happy with everyone at OHNI. Dr. Hamilton has a FANTASTIC way of calming ones concerns. I am very happy with my results breathing again has been a great blessing.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton.

Los Angeles, California

I Was Impressed With My Experience

I came to OHNI because I had had difficulty breathing out of my nose for several years. I had had other doctors tell me they thought this was due to allergies, but I had a feeling it was more of a structural issue.

Dr. Hamilton was an amazing doctor and told me that I had a deviated septum right away. I worked with him and the staff at OHNI to schedule a surgery and I could not be more pleased with the results. Dr. Hamilton was extremely knowledgeable and took a lot of time to explain things to me every step of the way.

I was extremely impressed with my entire experience at OHNI, both Dr. Hamilton and the entire staff exceeded my expectations. I can breathe easier and I highly recommend OHNI to anyone in need of care.

Los Angeles, California

I Am So Grateful to Have Found Dr. Hamilton

The reason for my visit was because I broke my nose a few months back. I did some research online and found Dr. Hamilton.

I had gone to see a couple of doctors where in my home town of Seattle but they didn’t really want to fix or work on my nose since I had 2 previous nose surgeries. So I thought I would look in LA and found OHNI, the staff is so helpful, kind, and friendly. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Hamilton.

Thank you OHNI for all your for everything!

West Hollywood, California

I Am So Happy With the Results

The reason I chose OHNI was because I had broken my nose and my friend told me that I needed to meet with Dr. Hamilton before I had my nose fixed by another physician that I consulted with. My friend told me to trust her and go see Dr. Hamilton. She was right; I knew right away that I wanted Dr. Hamilton to fix my nose.

I also really liked the fact that he specialized in Head and Neck and didn’t do other parts of the body, this was very important to me. Before choosing Dr Hamilton I had consulted with two other doctors. I immediately liked Dr. Hamilton he was not pretentious but clearly loved what he did. He tool lots of time and explained everything to me. I was never rushed, he knew that I was nervous and he was incredibly patient with all of my questions.

I am so happy with the results everyone at OHNI the staff is great and friendly. I would absolutely refer other to OHNI. It was a wonderful experience.

Santa Monica, California

My Nose Looks Very Natural

The reason for my initial visit to OHNI was for a rhinoplasty consultation. The reason why I chose Dr. Hamilton is because he specialized in head and neck cosmetic procedures, and I read really great reviews from his patients. I consulted with many different plastic surgeons and felt like those doctors were trying to tell me what I wanted to hear.

When I came for my consultation with Dr. Hamilton he made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions and he looked so calm and confident, so I decided to come back for a second consultation with him. During my second consultation he took a few pictures of me and went over all of my concerns in details. What I like about Dr. Hamilton is he listens to what his patients want the results are better than expected.

I am 34 years old and I was always self conscious about my profile. I didn’t want to change my appearance, only my profile. Dr. Hamilton did an amazing job. I don’t look different, but I love my profile. My nose looks very natural and people who don’t know that I had rhinoplasty do not notice anything except that I look good. A few people who do know about my surgery asked me for Dr. Hamilton’s information.

Thank you so much!! I am super happy that I have made a great choice choosing my surgeon, and I will definitely high recommend Dr. Hamilton to others.

Woodland Hills, California

Dr. Hamilton is the Only one I Truly Trust With My Nose

The reason for my consultation with Dr. Hamilton was because I was suffering from headaches for more than a month and seeing 5 different Physicians here in Texas without a clear diagnosis. I decided Dr. Hamilton was the right person to return to.

Since he had successfully performed sinus surgery in 2010, and has cared for my nose since then, Dr. Hamilton is the only one I truly trust with my nose. I first heard about Dr. Hamilton through my insurance. He was the first ENT I saw and the one I saw for my sinus back in 2010.

I highly recommend Dr. Hamilton and OHNI to others. The staff and Dr. Hamilton were exceptional in organizing my surgery in 2 days to accommodate my schedule to return to Texas for school. It was very much appreciated. I am very very happy with my results.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton

Houston, Texas

The Most Exceptional Physician I’ve Encountered

The reason for my initial visit was to enhance oxygen intake through my nose. A friend of mine had a similar issue which were beautifully resolved by Dr. Hamilton.

My friend’s results as well as my initial are beautiful. The consultation with Dr. Hamilton was extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. I would absolutely recommend others to Dr. Hamilton.

Overall Dr. Hamilton is the most exceptional physician I’ve encountered.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton

Hermosa Beach, California

I Would Definitely Recommend others to OHNI

The reason for my initial visit with OHNI was to consult on my deviated septum. I was looking for a more permanent solution when I came to consult with Dr. Hamilton.

I found Dr. Hamilton after doing some research online. I would definitely recommend others to OHNI.

Thank you for everything its been a great experience and a great improvement in my life.

Glendale, California

I Highly Recommend Dr. Hamilton to Others

The reason for my initial visit with Dr. Hamilton was for a recurring infection in my nose which transformed into a large hole in my septum which then developed into crusting in my nose and made breathing very difficult.

I came to Dr. Hamilton has a seventh opinion because other physicians in the area had a high chance of failure for my surgery, whishing to use what seemed to me a traditional and wishful procedure. I began to do some research online and came across OHNI. I talked to 6 other doctors before choosing Dr. Hamilton, he seemed to understand exactly what I was going through, how my problem was deteriorating and making me suffer and demonstrate tremendous technical expertise and competence. He’s amazing with analogies to explain things.

His innovative approach and experience with my problem gave me confidence. I highly recommend Dr. Hamilton to others; he has an amazing team, crew, and well experience. I feel like I am able to breathe normally again!!!

Thank you Dr. Hamilton.

Los Angeles, California

Never in My Life Have I Been Able to Breathe Like This

I came in to see Dr. Hamilton because after 35 years of not breathing right, I finally decided to investigate my childhood orthodontist opinion that I had a deviated septum.

I found Dr. Hamilton online and that was a lucky thing for me. Turns out I did have a deviated septum and polyps and enlarged turbinates. I just got the splints taking out of my nose and never in my life have I been able to breathe like this! I’ve gone from turbinate obstruction to turbo charged berthing through my prodigious nose. Finally!

Thank you very much Dr. Hamilton! Of course, I would and will recommend OHNI and Dr. Hamilton in particular. This will really make life a lot more enjoyable.

Thank you again.

Pacific Palisades, California